An Accelerator Case Study: Lyndsey!

08-February-2021 0:00
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by Admin

What was going on for you when you decided to join the Accelerator programme?


I had regular coaching and physio clients but felt like I was treading water and did not really know where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted to change things but wasn’t sure what to change or how.


What problem or challenges were you experiencing?


I had a huge issue with imposter syndrome and low self-confidence. Being new to the area I wasn’t well known, I felt like I couldn’t promote my business , I wanted to hide, I wasn’t getting the clients I wanted, I felt like I was going round in circles and this affected me both at work and in my home life. I questioned whether I wanted to just get a normal job and keep what I do as a hobby. I was very hard and critical on myself and this started to affect my family life.


Did it feel like a huge leap investing in a coaching programme?


To start with I felt like I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money but after my initial consultation with Sarah, I looked at how I could potentially change how I felt mentally and the benefits that this might have on my work life balance. Then it was an easy decision to make.


Why did it feel like the right time for you to make that change?


I knew I had to change my way of thinking or I was going to get into a real rut and give up on everything that I had worked so hard for. I wasn’t ready for that yet and so knew it was the right time to start the Accelerator programme.


Can you remember the first change you made as a result of the programme?


I started to take charge and look at things differently. I had more clarity in my sessions with clients, I gained more confidence and immediately felt so much happier and clearer about what I wanted to do with my business.


What is the biggest change you have made so far and what difference has it made to your business?

There are so many changes I have made in my life since starting this programme, all of them having a positive impact. From having the confidence to increase my public profile, learning about the importance of time management to understanding my mindset more and how to use this to help my clients. This course gave me the confidence and knowledge to increase my public profile in a way that targeted the right clients. This included the ability to understand who my ideal clients were and then having the clarity and confidence to aim marketing towards them. In turn this reduced the impact of my imposter syndrome and allowed me to get excited about my business again.



What is next for you; what ambitions do you have for your lifestyle and your business?


The programme has made me realise how many options there are out there and how much I have to offer my clients. I am excited to put all my new ideas into practice and looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice and developing my business instead of running away from it. Enrolling onto the Accelerator Programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made!!