Are you a perfectionist?

10-March-2020 0:00
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Are you a Perfectionist?

It makes sense that a lot people who seek out psychology coaching are perfectionists - they seek another avenue for success in their relentless pursuit of the ideal.

Sadly, the perfectionist is never really satisfied, and despite sometimes extreme attempts to be the best at all costs, the someone high in perfectionism usually sabotages performance rather than enhancing it.

Trying to be ‘perfect’ is not a reality.

I work with my clients to see the pitfalls of perfectionism and encourage them to strive for excellence instead - which is a far healthier recipe for success.

Striving for excellence, rather than perfection takes a little time and self-awareness but the results speak for themselves. Achieving excellence is completely within your control so is a great thing to aim for. Getting something 'perfect' is unrealistic and often relies on elements outside of your control - so isn't useful to focus on.

?? If this is sounding familiar, exchange the word ‘perfect’ for ‘excellent’.

?? What does an 'excellent' performance look, sound and feel like in your sport?

?? If you were able to consistently aim for excellence, what difference would this make to you?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Sarah ??