'Your best days are yet to come...'

20-February-2020 0:00
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by Admin

This time last year I was a stressed out, overwhelmed and unsatisfied version of myself....I was working too hard, playing too little and felt panicked at feeling working in this was my only option. I wanted to be happy with 'my lot' - and content with what I was doing, but instead I felt guilty for asking the question 'is this it?!'

Never in a million years would I have believed you if you'd said a few months later I would:

? Be a full-time sport psychologist
? Running two successful businesses
? Be a paid motivational speaker
? Have my work published in an international magazine
? Bought a van to live and travel in
? Have more confidence than ever before
? Be brave enough to share what makes me, me!


Feeling calm, in control and truly SATISFIED with what I'm doing, with the faith that I'm on my way to creating my dream life. I've realised you really can have it all.

???? ???????? ???????????????

One word. ????????????????. Being a coach myself I should have been open to the idea of working with a coach. However, I found myself reluctant to entertain it - I could hear myself saying: "No, no, coaching isn't for me - I'm not really into 'woo-woo' - I don't want to 'manifest' my dreams - I want someone to actually HELP me!"

Surely I should be able to work out my issues myself? Have I failed as a psychologist if I say I need some help? Will my clients think badly of me if they know I have coaching too?

So many questions!

However, having been recommended Mel by a friend (thanks a mill Leyanne!) I decided to take action and set up a strategy call. Initially I thought it would be a useful free session - but I was struck by her skills, knowledge and intuition. She understand exactly how I was feeling - having been in a place of burnout herself.

By the end of the call I surprised myself completely and signed up for a six-month coaching programme - and hand's down it's been the best decision I've ever made. Without her input, don't think I would have had the courage, decisiveness or confidence to do all the things I've done this year. In the extra revenue I've created I've more than double made back the initial investment - even better!

I now relish the opportunity to help my clients the way Mel has helped me, and it's so exciting to be part of the journey!

Trust me, I've been there, done it and got the t-shirt. I know first-hand how it feels to be overwhelmed, stressed out, on the point of burnout and not knowing the way through it...

Let me help you. Go on, give it a try and book a strategy call today ???? and you could be telling a similar story in just a few months time...

Sarah ??