Turn a Setback into a Comeback - Masterclass Series - Launching 1st June!

25-May-2020 0:00
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Now many of our sporting bodies are preparing for a return to competition. So now is the perfect time to focus on your return. How do you come back smoothly and strongly from such a big break in your routine? And how can you perform at your best when many familiar aspects of your competition environment will be different? The processes of competition day will be different. With spectators not allowed, the atmosphere will be different. And you may not be able to have your usual support team there.

In this three-part masterclass series, Sport and Performance Psychologist Sarah Huntley will help you come back to training and competition not only feeling calm, confident and in control but equipped with powerful techniques to overcome the changes and unlock your untapped potential.

In this masterclass series, you’ll learn how to:

1. Plan like a Pro - Goal setting with a twist
2. Laser Focus - Get in your ‘bubble’ and stay there
3. Set up for Success - visualise your way to the finish line

This masterclass series is for all competitive amateur athletes aged 14+ from any sport. It will be available from 1st June 2020. Get all three masterclasses for just £79.

Click the link HERE to pre-register and receive 10% off!

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