Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before...

04-April-2020 0:00
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After a coaching session with a client last year, I hurriedly packed away my laptop and notes. I quickly moved on to the next thing on my ever-increasing to-do list. Over the previous months, I felt like I was constantly rushing around, with not enough time to do anything properly. I’d been ignoring the nagging feeling of being a hamster stuck on an out-of-control wheel, that seemed to be gaining momentum by the day. 

Busy had become my comfort zone. 

Early the next morning, I was racing around as usual, setting up a group workshop. I connected my laptop to the projector to start a slideshow as the guests were arriving, intending to put a holding slide up. Once it was plugged in, I got distracted and switched my attention to something else. 

Little did I know my notes from the previous day’s coaching session were up on the screen - for everyone to see. AND the client they were about was also in the room. DOUBLE no-no. 

You don’t need me to tell you, as a psychologist client confidentiality is key. Whilst unintentionally, ultimately I had broken that. And in a BIG way. I was so distracted, I didn’t even realise I’d made this mistake until the same client (who I’m now working with regularly) told me about it incident last week. I was shocked, embarrassed and deeply disappointed in myself. I berated myself - how could I make such a stupid mistake?!

After I had apologised profusely, I gingerly asked the client if I had made such a monumental error early on, why did she still work with me? I was surprised at what she said. 

She said at the time, she noticed I looked tired, stressed and overwhelmed. She knew I was juggling lots of different things and understood I was just trying to keep my head above water. She said she was able to diffuse her irritation with compassion because she could see a part of herself in me. And because of this, she wanted to work with me. She rightly assumed, I more than anyone would understood how she felt and know how to help her. 

I am thrilled to say, over the past six months I feel like I have undergone a complete transformation. Though working with a coach of my own, no longer do I feel like a computer with too many tabs open, flitting my limited attention between tasks. Instead I feel calmer, focussed and in control. I have some new tools in my mental toolkit, effective processes to help me manage running a challenging and exciting business, and ways of working that allow me to focus to produce my best work. And these are the skills I now teach my clients. With first-hand experience of how life-changing coaching can be, it’s so exciting for me now to be able to help others go through the same process. 

As a direct result of working with a coach, my business is stronger than ever, I’m delving into the world of public speaking and guesting on numerous podcasts as well as being asked to write articles for international magazines. Alongside coaching a fantastic selection of clients on a one-to-one basis. Not a list of skills I thought I'd ever be able to claim. 

And it’s not me that’s benefitted. The people I am lucky enough to work with are getting better results. In just a few sessions, they are noticing tangible benefits and reporting back to me each week with a long list of ‘wins’. I feel proud of them, of myself and what I’ve achieved. 

Research shows that working with a coach not only improves individual performance, but also helps identify strengths and development opportunities as well as helps motivate and empower individuals to excel. This can be in sport or business!

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PS - And you’ll be pleased to know I also no longer keep my client notes on the laptop I use for presentations....