I coach ambitious women to help them start and grow passion-led, purpose-driven businesses. 


Do you have a great idea for a new business?!

Or perhaps you already have a business you want to grow?

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Hi there! My name’s Sarah and for the last 10 years I have been on an entrepreneurial rollercoaster. My mission is to teach other ambitious purpose-driven women what I’ve learnt in my exciting and challenging entrepreneurial journey – how to launch a business around what they are passionate about and scale it up to figures they only have ever dreamt of!

Through two coaching programmes - KICKSTARTER and ACCELERATOR, I cut the fluff out of business and personal development and provide my clients with the hard-hitting skills and techniques to help make rapid personal and professional growth, whilst minimising stress and overwhelm. 

So if you are an ambitious female entrepreneur and want to either start OR grow your an existing business, as well as develop your confidence and impact with your clients, then I'd love to hear from you!

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My Services


KICKSTARTER is a powerful and punchy, eight-week online performance psychology coaching programme that equips ambitious small business owners with the mindset skills that are essential to success. You'll finish the programme with the core building blocks of performance in place, ready to take the next step up in your business and life - feeling calm, confident and in control. 

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ACCELERATOR is a results-driven, six-month online coaching programme designed to help you transform you and your business. If you are an ambitious female business owner wanting to: work smarter, not harder, have more impact with your clients, reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm as well as boost your confidence and self-belief .... then this programme might just be perfect for you! This programme is focussed around growing your confidence and self-belief as well as building a scalable business model with predictable and recurring revenue, whatever your industry. To join this programme you need to be in business already (for at least 12 months) and ready to grow!

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"The effects of the Accelerator programme have been amazing! We work through a mix of psychology, business and coaching and I have been able to integrate each part into my business easily. I have taken part in a major nationwide advertising campaign, featured in a leading industry publication and transitioned my business online with the foundations in place to expand, not to mention improving my skills and deepening my knowledge. Sarah is effective at bringing about real and lasting change. Jump at the chance to take part in a programme, you will not regret it! It really has transformed me."

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