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Your Mind Is Your Best Weapon


Are you a successful sports coach?

Do you want to grow your business, but not sure where to start?

Are you motivated, committed and ready to make lasting changes?



Through two coaching programmes - ACCELERATOR and FUNDAMENTALS, I cut the fluff out of coach development and provide my clients with the hard-hitting skills and techniques to help make rapid personal and professional growth.


So if you are a sports coach and want to grow your business, build your client base as well as develop your confidence and impact with your clients, you’re in the right place.  



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My Services


‘Fundamentals’ is a powerful and punchy, eight-week performance psychology programme for sports coaches where you’ll learn the same mental skills, habits and strategies elite performers use to work at their best

In this programme we’ll work closely online – focussing on the integral areas of high performance.


Fundamentals includes:


  • A welcome box delivered to your home address
  • Eight one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Session summary, action points and a worksheet to accompany each session
  • Unlimited support via email in between sessions


If you are looking for results-driven, scientifically-backed performance psychology coaching – then the Fundamentals programme is for you. You’ll finish the programme feeling calm, confident and in control and ready take the next step up in your coaching business.



Accelerator is a six-month online coaching programme designed to help you transform you and your coaching business.

If you are a sports coach wanting to:

 - Create predictable, recurring revenue
 - Increase your impact in the marketplace
 - Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm Boost you rconfidence and self-belief .... then I'd love to work with you!

In this programme we’ll work closely online either one-to-one on as part of a group – focussing on the integral areas of high performance. Accelerator combines performance psychology with cutting-edge business strategy to help you grow personally and professionally. Accelerator is ideal for coaches who want to learn how to find their niche, work smarter, not harder and build a successful business....


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"The effects of the Accelerator programme have been amazing! We work through a mix of psychology, business and coaching and I have been able to integrate each part into my business easily. I have taken part in a major nationwide advertising campaign, featured in a leading industry publication and transitioned my business online with the foundations in place to expand, not to mention improving my skills and deepening my knowledge. Sarah is effective at bringing about real and lasting change. Jump at the chance to take part in a programme, you will not regret it! It really has transformed me."

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