Success Stories

Diana - Equestrian Coach

"Having just finished the Fundamentals programme, I recommend Sarah 100%++. Sarah is thoroughly professional, as well as being incredibly generous and caring. Sarah made me feel relaxed and brave enough to admit my fears and shortcomings, and better yet she gave me the tools to improve as both a coach and a person. In six weeks she has helped me develop a strategy to improve my confidence and given me the tools to improve in all areas of my life. I feel happier to celebrate my successes and have a plan to improve my work/life balance. With Sarah's help I believe all my goals and dreams are not only possible but achievable. Sarah has helped me become a better me. The programme with Sarah was like a really good book, I looked forward to each new chapter and I didn't want it to end. Now I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. I can't wait to work more with Sarah and will be recommending that my friends and clients do too."


Sara - Badminton Player

"I highly recommend Sarah. I’ve played Badminton for 40+ years, and in the last few years pre-match and tournament anxiety and stress has spiralled to the point I wondered if I really wanted to play competitively anymore. I was feeling most negative and suffered from severe performance anxiety. Sarah has made me realise I was so negative about myself and described my performance in a negative fashion. Sarah has helped me to realise I can ‘reframe’ my negative thoughts and that it is possible to start to retrain my mind. She's also has helped me focus on process not outcomes. I now feel like I have the proper tools available now to achieve my potential. The fact that I am excited about getting on court to practice these things is a massive step forward for me."

Amanda - Parent of Swimmer

"Sarah’s help has been invaluable for my 15 year-old daughter. She was recommended to us at a time when my daughter was struggling mentally with her sports training and seriously considering giving up. She found it difficult to balance the time that she was expected to commit to studying and training and this left her no time for ‘fun’. Sarah has helped her to be able to accept these emotions and work with them rather than fighting against them. She has also learnt some valuable skills which have helped her gain confidence both as an athlete and a person. She is now highly motivated and the passion that she used to feel for sport has returned. She is a much stronger, more resilient person because of this and the skills that she has learnt are easily transferrable and will help her in whichever path she chooses next. I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to others in a similar position."

Lauren - Rugby Player

"I've worked with Sarah for over a year. Across that year she's helped me to strengthen my mental toughness, reframe my parameters of success and to prepare mentally for competition. For me, it's the same as working on my technique, preparing for the places I know my mind will go under pressure means that there are no surprises and I can enjoy competition day."


Sarah - Jane - Equestrian Coach

"Having just finished working with Sarah on her Fundamentals programme I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have done. She allowed me to gain clarity and helped me to see what areas of my coaching business I wanted to focus my impact on. Sarah helped me to implement strategies within my business to allow me to improve my work life balance and gain control over the areas that were spiraling out of control. My business is thriving, my clients are happy and I'm feeling less pressure and so can now concentrate doing what I love most - coaching! If you have been thinking about working with Sarah then I would say just do it, you will not regret it!"

David - Cricketer

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You've not only given me a set of tools to perform better you've helped me get into a frame of mind where I've been genuinely enjoying cricket again for the first time in... well a long time. I think this is the first time this century the season has ended before I wanted it to! I'm extremely grateful."


Katie - Event Rider

"I have worked closely with Sarah on her Fundamentals Programme and I can honestly say it has been the most amazing journey of self-discovery. For the first time ever I have been helped and supported to make real and meaningful change in all aspects of my life as an amateur event rider and a busy Financial Services Lawyer. I wish I had learnt all these tools years ago! With Sarah’s help I have slowed time down and now deliver more than ever but with quality rather than quantity - it’s a win win!! This has been a fantastic journey and I would highly recommend working with Sarah if you are struggling to make positive change."


Ben - Swimmer

"I’ve been working with Sarah over the past six weeks as part of her one-to-one Fundamentals sport psychology programme. I am a long-distance open-water swimmer and wanted to work on improving the mental skills that I know are key for me to continue to progress. In the sessions we’ve covered topics such as Clarity, Energy, Mindset and Confidence - and I now feel like I have a new set of tools to be able to tackle my races feeling calm and in control, with a contingency plan in place so I know exactly what to expect. As the sessions are all online, it's easy to fit them in around running my own business, and much more convenient than having to meet in person. It’s been a great learning curve, and far exceeded my expectations."

Jenny - Dressage Rider

"Sarah has managed to facilitate an improvement in an area of our schooling which has always been tricky for us - the 1x tempi changes. This is despite us being unable to travel for lessons for most of the time that I was working with Sarah, so just working on my own in the school! I think the fact that a big improvement was possible, without other outside input, is testament to how powerful these sessions can be. We have also had an improvement in areas of our work which have habitually been tricky, simply by focussing on what I do want to happen, rather than what I don't want to happen! Very happy and looking forward to working with Sarah again in the future."

Sian - Dressage Rider

"Sarah’s impact upon my mindset has been incredible. I am only a few sessions in however I am overwhelmed with the progress that sports psychology has made upon my riding. I have become more focused upon my riding especially at competitions, previously I used to suffer controlling my nerves and caring what those around me were doing/thinking. Now I am able to get on with the task on hand and give my horses the ride they deserve, I can honestly say I enjoy competing so so much more & my horses are much more relaxed as a result which in turn has lead to higher scores & success. I can’t thank Sarah enough for all her help, her approach and positivity really helps you get the most out of each session. I never imagined sports psychology would have as big as an impact as it has done and I highly encourage anyone wanting to improve within their sport to give it a try!"

Phil - Parent of Swimmer

"Emily seems a different girl recently, she's now looking at all ways to overcome the issues facing her. We are very impressed and put a lot down to your inspiration."

Sarah - Dressage Rider

"Sarah has helped me massively with my competition goals in British Dressage, with her help I have achieved great results at Area Festivals, Regional and at the Nationals - she has helped me to focus and reach personal bests! Having had a major head injury Sarah is now working closely with me to help me to return to Eventing competitively - we work on strengths and achievements, setting goals. I look forward to our sessions and always come away with new energy."


Sophie - Event Rider

"I had a brilliant sports psychology session with Sarah - working on performance analysis after my competitions. Sarah was really understanding of my aims and goals and I came away from the session really motivated to improve my mental game when competing and training!"


East Sussex College, Lewes

"I first met Sarah in my triathlon club. Her optimism, and positivity about her work in psychology and her training, prompted me to ask her to do a talk for the Sixth Form students at East Sussex College, Lewes. At this stage in every teenage life, it is difficult to understand your goals and motivations. Not only did Sarah capture the interest of the students, but her talk also inspired them, one student in particular, who at the time was feeling lost in his future goals, and his mindset was very negative. Sarah was approachable and managed to work through his barriers to success. He has now gone on to full fill his dream job. Thank you Sarah, can you please come again!"

Chatsmore Catholic High School, Worthing

"Thank you so much Sarah, you're a star! You are such an inspirational speaker. The students were extremely complimentary about your talk. There were so many valuable lessons that really resonated with them. I am incredibly grateful for the time you gave and look forward to seeing you again in the future."




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