Success Stories

Lyndsey - Coach

"I can't tell you how much the Accelerator programme has already made me think differently and get me fired up. Last week I gave one of the best lessons I've ever done - I took charge, felt confident, really focussed and my lesson had clarity. I can't wait for our group session this week. What an amazingly supportive group you have created and I didn't feel intimidated at all on Wednesday surrounded by other like-minded coaches. I feel so positive about being in the group and I'm really looking forward to the journey from here on in."


Sarah - Jane - Coach

“The effects of the Accelerator programme have been amazing! We work through a mix of psychology, business and coaching and I have been able to integrate each part into my business easily. I have taken part in a major nationwide advertising campaign, featured in a leading industry publication and transitioned my business online with the foundations in place to expand, not to mention improving my skills as a coach and deepening my knowledge. Sarah is effective at bringing about real and lasting change in me as a coach and a person. Jump at the chance to take part in this programme, you will not regret it! It really has transformed me.”

Diana - Coach

“Having just finished a coaching programme with Sarah, I can recommend her 100%. Sarah gave me the tools to improve as both a coach and a person. She has helped me develop a strategy to improve my confidence and given me the tools to improve in all areas of my life. I feel happier to celebrate my successes and have a plan to improve my work-life balance. With Sarah's help I believe all my goals and dreams are not only possible but achievable. Sarah has helped me become a better me. I can't wait to work more with Sarah and will be recommending that my friends and clients do too." 

Lindsay - Coach

"I throughly recommend Sarah. I've just finished the Fundamentals programme, in a group with other coaches. Not only was the grouping so spot on that we could all learn from each other and each other’s stories resonated with me and I think all of the group/ Her work just enables you to get on the path of being the best version of you that you want to be. If you're thinking about doing a programme just do it, great changes will come from it."

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