Success Stories

Sophie - Coach

"Working with Sarah on both the Fundamentals and Accelerator programmes has had a huge positive effect on both myself and my business. I am now feeling more confident in my personal life and in taking my business more forward. Before working with Sarah I felt my business was at a cross-roads and I was unsure of the path to take. With Sarah’s help and support we have taken the business forward with great results I would not of achieved on my own. I am gaining confidence and I am more knowledgeable to take the business onwards and achieve my life long goals, with Sarah’s on going support I am excited for the future."

Kelly - Coach

"I’m so happy I joined the 90-day planning workshop with Sarah. I went into the workshop feeling drained, unmotivated and unclear about how to move my coaching business forward. Post-workshop, I feel a lightness and massive boost of confidence. Sarah’s personable delivery, encouragement, and practical advisement was spot on. The format of the workshop and interaction alongside other coaches was particularly useful as it was comforting to learn there were other coaches facing similar mental and financial roadblocks. I feel I’ve gained a better strategy and understanding of how to plan the business end of my coaching, which I’m excited to say I’ve already put into action! Definitely a worthwhile experience!"


Lyndsey - Coach

"I can't tell you how much the Accelerator programme has already made me think differently and get me fired up. Last week I gave one of the best lessons I've ever done - I took charge, felt confident, really focussed and my lesson had clarity. I can't wait for our group session this week. What an amazingly supportive group you have created and I didn't feel intimidated at all on Wednesday surrounded by other like-minded coaches. I feel so positive about being in the group and I'm really looking forward to the journey from here on in."


Jenny - Coach

"I just wanted to touch base with you to say a belated and very huge THANK YOU for the pricing workshop!  I really enjoyed it and it gave me some great ideas about how to develop my coaching a bit more. My friends had been badgering me to do more online coaching, but I just wasn't sure how to 'sell' it and push it forward.  I love the idea of packages and I think these could really work well for me.  I'm going to put some thought in to this over the coming weeks with a view to launching a website and some packages and initial offers in the Spring."




Sarah - Jane - Coach

"Working with Sarah has meant that I have found a coach who is 100% invested in me. If I could only pick one area that has totally transformed during my time working with Sarah, then it's my self belief!  Having struggled for years with a lack of self belief stopping me achieving my dreams, the amount of things I have achieved over the last few months is unbelievable.  I have increased my client base, developed group sessions off the horse, moved these sessions to Zoom when lockdown hit and developed a great online community around them, wrote, launched and enrolled clients on a 12-week group confidence course, featured in a full page interview in Ireland's leading equestrian publication, joined an equestrian business network support group and perfected and delivered my pitch numerous times, and finally, finally believe that I can do this and do it well!  

I suppose the biggest measure of success is the improvement in cash flow in my business and that's certainly true but I have also found the knock-on effects even more beneficial.  As I now know what sort of clients I work best with, I feel energised and invigorated when coaching them, rather than burnt out and stressed.  My work life balance is much better and I now can spend time (guilt-free) with my family and finally am able to prioritise rest and recovery which almost never happened.  To me this has been the game changer and in these strange times more important than ever!"

Diana - Coach

“Having just finished a coaching programme with Sarah, I can recommend her 100%. Sarah gave me the tools to improve as both a coach and a person. She has helped me develop a strategy to improve my confidence and given me the tools to improve in all areas of my life. I feel happier to celebrate my successes and have a plan to improve my work-life balance. With Sarah's help I believe all my goals and dreams are not only possible but achievable. Sarah has helped me become a better me. I can't wait to work more with Sarah and will be recommending that my friends and clients do too." 

Dawn - Coach

"The workshop was inclusive and dynamic and a real "call to arms"! I love that Sarah energised and enthused the group into diarising actions there and then. Since I tend to procrastinate having her workbook on my desk is a constant prod to personal accountability that I am taking seriously."


Lindsay - Coach

"I started on the Fundamentals programme earlier this year and have now progressed to the Accelerator programme too. It has totally focussed me on the issues I didn't have the confidence or ability to tackle. I'm pleased to say my mindset since then has done a massive U-turn. My view on everything is so much more positive and I now have more clarity with where I'd like to go with my coaching business! As a result of the investment in the programme I've been able to put together a six-week programme combining my coaching and psychology skills. This has opened so many new coaching opportunities which is fantastic. This course single handedly gave me the tools to make changes I never thought I could make."

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