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If you are a coach or athlete and:

✅ have already experienced success in your sport
✅ now want to strengthen your mental skills
✅ are motivated, committed and ready to make lasting changes…

…then I’d love to work with you!



‘Fundamentals’ is a eight-week sport psychology programme for athletes where you’ll learn the same mental skills elite performers use to train and compete at their best.

In this programme we’ll work closely either on the phone or online on a one-to-one basis – focussing on the integral areas of high performance.

Fundamentals includes:

  • A welcome box delivered to your home address
  • Eight one-to-one coaching sessions (online)
  • Feedback and a worksheet to accompany each session
  • Unlimited support via email in between sessions

If you are looking for results-driven, scientifically-backed sports psychology coaching – then the Fundamentals programme is for you. You’ll finish the programme ready take the next step up in your chosen sport.

The first step is to register your interest HERE


‘Breakthrough’ is an six month advanced sport psychology coaching programme for individuals serious about making significant positive change in their lives and in their sport. The programme includes:

  • A welcome box delivered to your home address
  • 18 online one-to-one coaching sessions
  • 'Spotlight' Personality Profile
  • Three-hour intensive deep-dive session
  • Worksheets and further learning material to accompany each session
  • Unlimited support via email in between sessions

You’ll finish the Breakthrough programme with a comprehensive set of tools in your mental toolkit, not only to help you perform better in your chosen sport, but feel calmer, confident and in control of your life too.

The first step is to register your interest HERE




Sport psychology is an interdisciplinary science that draws on knowledge from many related fields including biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology and psychology. It involves the study of how psychological factors affect performance.

More specifically, sport psychology is the study of how psychology influences athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. 

Sport psychologists often help athletes cope with the intense pressure that comes from competition and overcome problems with focus and motivation. They also work with athletes to improve performance and recover from injuries. But sports psychologists do not just work with elite and professional athletes. They also help regular people learn how to enjoy sports and learn to stick to an exercise program or to enjoy their sport more. 




A Sport psychologist can teach mental skills for enhanced performance, as well as help you improve confidence, focus, mindset and belief in your sporting ability. These mental skills can not only help you improve performance but can also help in other areas of your non-sporting life too.

How can sport psychology help you perform better in your sport? Here is the most obvious list:

  1. Improve focus and deal with distractions.
  2. Grow confidence in athletes who have many doubts.
  3. Develop coping skills to deal with setbacks and errors.
  4. Find the right zone of intensity for your sport.
  5. Help teams develop communication skills and cohesion.
  6. To instill a healthy belief system and minimise irrational thoughts.
  7. Improve and balance motivation for optimal performance.
  8. Get back into competition after an injury is healed fully.
  9. To develop competition-specific strategies and race/competition plans.
  10. To identify and enter your optimal performance 'zone' more often.


Some athletes seek help from a sport psychologist or other exercise and sport psychology professional when they have a particular problem.

I work with athletes and sportspeople across a range of different sports including swimming, running, triathlon, cycling, rowing, weightlifting, golf, cricket and horse-riding. 

Athletes often contact me when they are experiencing a particular problem or issue, but you don't have to have a problem to benefit from sport psychology! Sport psychologists can also help athletes:

  • Enhance performance – Various mental strategies, such as visualisation, self-talk and relaxation techniques, can help athletes overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.
  • Cope with the pressures of competition – Sport psychologists can help athletes at all levels deal with pressure from parents, coaches or even their own expectations.
  • Recover from injuries. After an injury, athletes may need help tolerating pain, adhering to their physical therapy regimens or adjusting to being sidelined.
  • Keep up an exercise program. Even those who want to exercise regularly may find themselves unable to fulfil their goal. Sport psychologists can help these individuals increase their motivation and tackle any related concerns.
  • Enjoy sports. Sports organisations may hire a sport psychologist to educate coaches about how to help their members enjoy their sport more and promote healthy self-esteem in their members.

Sports psychology can even help people in a business environment. The same strategies that sport psychologists teach athletes — relaxation techniques, mental rehearsals and cognitive restructuring, for example — are also useful in the workplace and other settings.


Typically, each session is 60 minutes in duration.


Sessions are delivered online or via video conferencing software – whichever you are most comfortable with!


Gone are the days when seeing a sport psychologist was considered a weakness. In fact, every national sports team and Premiership football club are utilising sport psychology expertise. Using sport psychology alongside other sport science support (e.g. physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition) is seen as a proactive way to gain a competitive edge and optimise performance.


Get in touch HERE, and we can take it from there. 

I can’t wait to get to know you better!


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